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Monday, February 28, 2011

Koi Design Tattoo >> Koi and Lotus as Tattoo Design on Back

Koi Design Tattoo | Koi Tattoo | Lotus Tattoo | Koi and Lotus on Back TattooKoi Tattoo DesignKoi and lotus tattoo design, a design  tattoo inspired by the fish Koi and Lotus flower. The perfect design for the back, and very suitable for use by women. Do you want to try?thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Koi and Lotus Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Virginia's Flowers Forecast Spring

This is a quick one for Monday morning, on the last day of February, with spring looming just around the corner. Here's one of Virginia's tattoos:Virginia is a long-time reader and fan of Tattoosday who I have met on anumber of occasions. This is the first piece she has shared with us.This floral tattoo is at the top of her right shoulder and was done by Craig Rodriguez at Hand of Glory in

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harry Potter Tattoo >> Design Tattoo Ideas of Harry Potter

Tattoo Design | Harry Potter Tattoo | Harry Potter on Feet Tattoo | Harry Potter on Chest TattooHarry Potter on Chest TattooHarry Potter on Feet Tattoothank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Harry Potter Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Mark's Tattoo is Bound by Faith

I met Mark in Penn Station on Friday, as I was passing through the New Jersey Transit waiting area. It was a rainy, unseasonably warm day, so I spotted his tattoos easily, as he sat in a short sleeve shirt waiting for his train.Mark has six tattoos in all, and he shared this one on his left forearm:There's a lot going on here, in this tattoo which was completed in two sittings.In essence, this is

Flower Tattoo >> Design Flower Tattoo on Foot

Flower Tatto | Tattoo on Foot | Tattoo Design FlowerDesign Flower Tattoo on FootFlower tattoo designs, a tattoo designs inspired by flowers. This tattoo design is perfect to adorn the foot of women, because women are very close to the flower. flower tattoo on Foot are beautiful and sweet.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Flower Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feather Tattoo >> Feather as Inspiration for Desain Tattoo on Back

Feather Tattoo | Tattoo on Back | Black Feather TattooFeather Tattoo Design on BackFeather tattoo designs, a tattoo-inspired designs of Feather. Black Feather Tattoo design on back, with a few small birds that fly as a creative tattoo design.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Feather Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Dragon tattoo >> Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Dragon Tattoo | Tattoo on Arm | Red Dragon Tattoo | Tattoo for MenDragon Tattoo on ArmMy tattoo design now that is a dragon Tattoo, a red dragon who seemingly very hot on arm. tattoo inspired creations of a dragon that is suitable for men, as shown in the picture.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Dragon Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Tattoosday Weekend Recap

I just wanted to share some interesting tidbits that have come my way over the last few weeks:First, someone has been sharing links in the comments section anonymously on several recent posts. As is my custom, I only approve comments if they are related to the post in question. Nonetheless, the links point to a YouTube channel for Sullen TV. I thought I'd share one here, which features the artist

Religious Tattoo >> Celtic Cross Tattoo Design on hand

Cross Tattoo | Tattoo on Hand | Cross Celtic TattooCeltic Cross Tattoo Design on handReligious tattoo designs, a small cross tattoo design which you can use in the hand. black cross tattoo design with a simple model but very religious.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Religious Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Repost: The World is Full of Kings and Queens

In lieu of something new, something borrowed, or something blue, I am offering up a post from three years ago, in Tattoosday's infancy, from January 2008: I've been relying heavily on Tattoos I Know since the end of summer, but today, in the chill of January, I spotted a cool tattoo on a stranger and added him to the Tattoosday gallery:It was in the mid-30's when I asked Frank about his tattoo.

Roses Tattoo >> Black Rose Tattoo on Hip Women

Roses Tattoo | Black Rose Tattoo | Tattoo on Hip Black Rose Tattoo on Hip WomenThis is a black rose tattoo designs, a tattoo designs are inspired by roses with black color which looks very beautiful in the female hip. tattoo designs for women and very sexy look with a beautiful body.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Rose Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Friday, February 25, 2011

Celtic Tattoo >> Tattoo Design Ideas for Ankle from Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Tattoo Design | Celtic Tattoo | Tattoo on Ankle | Wolf Tattoo | Tattoo for MenCeltic Ankle Wolf Tattoo DesignCeltic Tattoo Idea, This is a Celtic Tattoo for ankle. a celtic tattoo that looks very wild with a wolf and is ready to pounce. celtic tattoo design is suitable for men, as in the example.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Celtic Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo >> Yellow Butterfly and Hibiscus for Tattoo Design Ideas

Butterfly Tattoo | Hibiscus Tattoo | Tattoo for WomenYellow Butterfly Tattoo DesignYellow butterfly tattoo designs, this is a tattoo inspired design of butterflies. yellow butterfly and decorated with beautiful pink hibiscus, it is suitable for women. Yellow butterfly tattoo designs can be placed on hip, as in the example.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Butterfly Tattoo - refresh your body art

Lost and Found: Toni's Cameo

I'm calling this a "lost and found" post because it features a tattoo that was a buried treasure in my e-mail archives. I was sitting on my living room couch when the existence of the photo surfaced in my head. "Whatever happened to that e-mail?" I asked myself and, after a brief search I found it. So, let me explain....At the end of November, my wife Melanie received an e-mail from someone she

Cherry Tattoo Design >> Pink Cherry Tattoo Design on Hip

Cherry Tattoo | Pink Cherry Tattoo | Cherry Tattoo on Hip | Tattoo for WomenPink Cherry Tattoo Design on HipCherry Tattoo Design, a tattoo design for women who look good. pink Cherry tattoo on the Hip is very attractive and sexy Tattoo for women. as shown in the picture, do you agree?Cherry TattooPink Cherry Tattoo Designthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Cherry Tattoo - refresh your body art

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bird Tattoo Design >> Swallow Tattoo Ideas Message to Daddy

Bird Tattoo | Tattoo Design | Swallow Tattoo Ideas | Bird Ideas DaddySwallow Tattoo Ideas Message to DaddySwallow, a blue swallow with a message for Daddy, as inspiration tattoo design me now. Swallow tattoos are beautiful with a composition of blue, yellow and red. Bird tattoo has a message how much affection towards daddy. thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Bird Tattoo - refresh your body art

Cat's Hands-ome Tattoos

I met Cat earlier this week at Borders, which has been the go-to locale for inkspotting during a very sparse winter.He has fifteen tattoos, but we discussed the two I noticed, on the tops of his hands:The tattoos are variations on Celtic pagan designs that he modified to make his own.The right hand represents the chalice of the goddess, who represents expressiveness and creativity. Wiccan

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biomechanical Tattoo >> Dark Biomechanics Tattoo Design Ideas on Elbow

Biomechanical Tattoo | Dark Biomechanical Tattoo | Tattoo on ElbowDark Biomechanical TattooDark biomechanics tattoo designs are very interesting on elbow, biomechanical design is very real and blends with your body. makes your arm look like a robot. Biomechanics tattoo design is very famous in the world tattooed with the development of technology.Biomechanical Tattoo on ElbowBiomechanical

Frank's Laserbeak Tattoo Transforms His Flesh

I met Frank in the Penn Plaza Borders yesterday and stopped to ask him about his tattoos."How many do you have?" I asked and he responded vaguely "a lot". That generally means at least a dozen, if not more, and he offered up this two-part tattoo, from his right arm:This is a Transformer. More specifically, "Laserbeak," a Transformer that does reconnaissance.This is one of the first tattoos that

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

David Beckham Tattoo >> Design Tattoo on Hand David Beckham

Tattoo on Hand David Beckham | David Beckham Tattoo | Tattoo Letter | Tattoo StarDesign Tattoo of David BeckhamThis is the tattoo designs of David Beckham Tattoo, David Beckham almost all body art are tattoos. on this occasion, I do discuss tattoos on the hands of David Beckham. can be seen, Beckham tattooed his hand with tattoo letter design.  Beckham also use star tattoos design. As seen in the

Angel Tattoo Design >> Angel Tattoo Robes and Wings Ideas for Sleeve

Tatto Design | Angel Tattoo | Angel Tattoo on SleeveAngel Tattoo Robes and Wings Ideas for Sleeve Angel tattoo design ideas for sleeve, an angel tattoo design that is designed to yours sleeve. angel tattoo designs with robes and wings, this tattoo inspired design. Are you want to have it as a collection Tattoo on Sleeve?.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Angel Tattoo - refresh your body art

Sal's Tattoo Takes Wing

Today's tattoo comes to us courtesy of Sal, who is making his third appearance on Tattoosday. We first met him in 2008 when he shared this Guns N Roses tattoo, and then again, in 2009 with this quote, inked on his forearm.Both times I ran into Sal at the video store where he works in Brooklyn Heights. He alerted me to the fact that he had new ink, so I just had to stop by and see in person:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Angel Tattoo Design >> angel design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shields

Angel Tattoo | Angel Paramilitary Wat Tattoo | Tattoo Designangel design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shieldsa very pretty creative idea of tattoo designs, angel tattoo design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shields with a steel shield and a samurai. adult angel tattoo designs are very cool and worth using as inspiration for your tattoo design.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >>

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bonafide Bags Winners and Special Discount for Tattoosday Readers!

Congratulations to the following readers who were among the winners selected among the 51 commenters on the original Bonafide Bags post.American Pride winners:Theresa Senato EdwardsBeverly CornellThumperDay of the Dead winners:Kristina V.JasonAlexKoi Winners:AliciaCrackleSammie KAmerican Traditional Winners:VirginiaSarahKCI will be emailing winners by Monday. If you are a winner and don't hear

Tattoo Design >> Trees as inspiration tattoo design ideas

Tree Tattoo | Tattoo on Hip | Tree Tattoo on Back | Tattoo for WomenTree Tattoo Design on HipIn this post I will give a tattoo design input tree is a tattoo design , that is inspired from the tree. This tree tattoo design is extremely suitable Tattoo for women, on back and on hip, as shown below.Tree Tattoo Design on Backthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Tree Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Reaper for a Saturday

A couple weeks ago, I ran into Vinny at a Duane Reade on 86th Street in Brooklyn.He had several tattoos and shared this one, on his left forearm:Thanks to Vinny for sharing his ink with us here on Tattoosday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Tattoo on Back Design (Koi, Dragon, Wing)

Tattoo on Back | Koi Tattoo | Dragon Tattoo | Wing TattooKoi Tattoo Design on BackTattoo Design on the back, this is the category that I posted on the tattoo tattoos this time. Beautiful tattoo design ideas on back, this tattoo-inspired designs koi fish, dragons, and wings. a tattoo is interesting and worthy of your own.Dragon Tattoo Design on BackWing Tattoo Design on Backthank for visit Tattoo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Star for Tattoo Design Ideas

Star Tattoo Design | Tattoo on Back | Star Tattoo on Back | Tattoo WomenStar Tattoo Design IdeasStar tattoo designs are very beautiful, a tattoo design for women. that star tattoo galery can you use on hip and back as shown. try is the charm of star tattoo designs.Star Tattoo Design on BackFlower Star Tattoo Designthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Star Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Checker Tattoo Design on yours Head is Funny

Tattoo on Head | Tattoo Funny | Checker TattooChecker Tattoo Design Ideas on HeadA tattoo designs as inspiration for designing your head, checker design a tattoo that is very funny. checker tattoo designs are cute and your body thoroughly.Checker Head Funny Tattoo Designthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Checker Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Tattoo Design >> Tattoo Sketches Design Lion, Angel and Dragon

Tattoo Sketches | Lion Tattoo | Angel Tattoo | Dragon TattooTattoo Sketches Baby AngelTattoo Sketches design ideas  as inspiration tattoo art, This time,  I get Lion tattoo ,  baby angel tattoo and dragon tattoo. interesting tattoo sketches designs with innovative ideas. Tattoo sketches designs as inspiration to tattooed your body.Tattoo Sketches Dragon DesignTattoo Sketches Lion Ideasthank for

Ashley's Ink: On Her Own Two Feet

I met Ashley in the New Jersey Transit section of Penn Station last week after I spotted this tattoo on her right foot:Now, if you've not read the Harry Potter series, perhaps it is best to skip the rest of the post, because it might not make a lot of sense.Those in the know will understand what I mean when I explain that the ghostly creature on the top of Ashley's foot is the patronus of

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Design Butterfly Tattoo for Women

Butterfly Tattoo Design | Butterfly Tattoo on Back | Butterfly Tattoo on Hip | Tattoo for WomenButterfly Tattoo on BackButterfly tattoo designs are beautiful. Tattoo designs are much liked by women, is very feminine with a design that sissified. Purple Butterfly Tattoo design are very suitable for women as inspiration tattoo art. This Butterfly tattoo designs can be placed on Hip, on Back or on

Melanie's Marilyn

A trip to the laundromat on Saturday yielded a meeting with a young lady who had a couple visible tattoos on one of her feet and an ankle. Fortunately, my curiosity got the better of me because, when I asked her about them, she revealed much better work, namely this phenomenal Marilyn Monroe portrait on her inner right forearm:This stunning work was created by the incomparable Virginia Elwood at

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Sexy Tattoo Female Model

Sexy Tattoo Female | Sexy Tattoo on Breast | Sexy Tattoo on Tight | Wings Sexy TattooWings Sexy TattooGalery sexy female with a beautiful tattoo art, tattoo design with a sexy female models. an increasingly attractive beauty body with tattoo designs.Sexy Tattoo Female ModelSexy Tattoo Female on ThighSexy Tattoo Model Swimsuitthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Sexy Tattoo - refresh your body art

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Tiger Tattoo Design Ideas on Side

Tattoo Design | Tattoo on Side | Tiger Tattoo IdeasTiger Tattoo Design Ideas on SideTiger tattoo designs are very scary, tiger tattoo design ideas on side. These tattoo designs are often used by men, for the savage and frightening character. very inspiring tattoo you?. try it's ...thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Tiger Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Tattoosday's Bonafide Bags Giveaway!

Last month I enviously watched as the good folks over at TattooSnob had a contest in which they gave away some really cool items from Bonafide Bags. I reached out to the good people at Bonafide and asked if they'd like to do something with our readers, and they were very receptive to the idea.So check these out:Bonafide's Japanese Koi (left) and Traditional (right) DesignsBonafide's American

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Dragon tattoo from japang is beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas

Japanese Tattoo | Dragon Tattoo Design | Japanese Tattoo DesignJapanese Dragon Tattoo Design Ideasan idea japanese tattoo designs, this is a very beautiful dragon tattoo. perfect! a perfect dragon tattoo designs as inspiration for the female body art. Beautiful dragon tattoo around a woman's body.Japanese Dragon Tattoo IdeasDragon Japanese Tattoothank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Dragon Tattoo -

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Feminine Tattoo Design Koi

Koi Tattoo Design Feminine This is a tattoo design that was inspired by fish, a tattoo design with the idea of koi fish. Koi tattoo designs are usually used by Women, other than Koi tattoo designs feminine tattoo shape is also highly favored by Women. The following are examples of Koi tattoo designs.Koi Tattoo Design on Backthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Koi Tattoo - refresh your body art

Jenise's Tattoo is Decorative and Practical

Normally I would have prefaced this as a "Tattoos I Know" post, since the contributor, Jenise, has been a friend of mine since 1984. However, since we haven't actually seen each other in person in over twenty-five years, I've never actually met her tattooed self in the flesh.Nonetheless, Jenise has been a fan and supporter of Tattoosday since its inception and has, from early on, told me that "

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tattoo Design Ideas >> Design Tattoo Letter Symbols Chinese

Symbols Chinese Tattoo | Letter Tattoo Design | Chinese Name Tattoo IdeasDesign Tattoo Letter Symbols ChineseThis is a Chinese symbol tattoo design, a letter used to design a tattoo. View as a cool tattoo designs its own meaning, a tattoo design ideas for your very inspiring.Design Name Tattoo Chinese LetterEvery person that uses tattoo designs like this certainly has its own meaning and reason

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tattoo Design Ideas >> Tattoo Design on Chest

Tattoo Design | Tattoo on Chest | Tattoo for Men | Tattoo for WomenTattoo design ideas on ChestA tattoo design on chest, this is perfect tattoo designs as inspiration tattoo design ideas. This tattoo design can be used for men and women. as in the example picture below, a tattoo design ideas on chest a very beautiful.Tattoo Design Chest for MenTattoo Design Chest for Womenthank for visit Tattoo

Miguel's Vision Reveals What Lies Within

A few weeks back, I popped in at my wife's workplace, and she introduced me to Miguel, the husband of one of her colleagues. In warmer weather, she had seen that Miguel had a tattoo, and she thought I would be interested in talking to him about it. Unfortunately, at the moment, it was in the high 20's outside and Miguel had on layers of clothing, which covered the artwork on his upper right arm.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jenny's Skeleton Key

January was a bleak month here in New York City. The second snowiest month ever did not bode well for inkspotting, but on the last day of the month, I met Jenny, a graphic designer, at my local bookstore.Jenny had two tattoos visible, but has nine others as well. She offered up this cool skeleton key tattoo on her inner left forearm:She told me that the tattoo's orientation on her arm is, if

Tattoo Design >> Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design | Butterfly Tattoo | Tattoo on Back | Tattoo on Stomach | Tattoo on LowerButterfly Tattoo Design Ideas for StomachAn animal tattoo design idea very attractive, the idea of butterfly tattoo designs. This tattoo design is suitable for women. Butterfly tattoo designs in this picture can be used on the back, stomach or even lower.  Butterfly Tattoo LowerButterfly tattoo Design on

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Key Design Ideas for Tattoo art

Key Tattoo | Key Tattoo Design | Design Tattoo Ideas | Key Tattoo ArmKey Tattoo Arma key inspiration for your tattoo, tattoo design ideas is made of key that are very interesting. This key can you use on your arm. Key tattoo design ideas was created as a beautiful collection for your tattoo design.Key Tattoo Design IdeasKey Tattoo Designthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Key Tattoo - refresh your

Tattoo Design >> Cross Inspire Tattoo Design

Cross Tattoo Design on BackThis is a tattoo inspired by the cross. This tattoo design is formed from the cross that symbolizes religious. the cross is a symbol of Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant. This tattoo design you can use on your back, sleeve and stomach side.Cross Tattoo Design on SleeveCross Tattoo Design on Stomach thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Cross Tattoo - refresh your

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tattoo Design >> Animal Tattoo on Yours Body

Animal Tattoo | Spider Tattoo | Lion Tattoo | Scorpion TattooSpider Tattoo Design IdeasAnimal Tattoo, a tattoo design in the form of animals. Animal tattoo designs are very attractive for use as a tattoo. like in this picture; there is a scorpion tattoo, spider tattoo, and also a lion tattoo. tattoo designs are perfect for your body art inspiration.Animal Lion Tattoo DesignScorpion Tattoo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dragon Tattoo >> Very inspiring for design tattoo dragon

Dragoon Tattoo | Tribal Dragoon Tattoo | Dragon Tattoo for BackDragon Tattoo Design Full BodyDragon tattoo designs are very interesting, dragon tattoos which give an idea to design a tattoo for your body. Dragon tattoo designs that can be used to fill in all parts of your body, or even just your back. Chinese dragon tattoo designs also very inspiring.Chinese Dragon Tattoo design IdeaDragon

tattoo sexy girl

tattoo sexy girl  What does it mean to be sexy? The answer to that question depends on whom you ask. Some people might say that sexy means blonde, some might say brunette, and some might say redhead. There's no standard measure of sex appeal. But one thing seems universal: sexy girl tattoos are hot.It's not easy to understand precisely what makes a tattoo sexy, but part of it is the

Henna Tattoo >> How to Design Tattoo for Sleeve

Henna Tattoo | Tattoo Ideas for Sleeve | Henna Tattoo for SleeveHow to Design Tattoo for SleeveThis is a Henna tattoo designs are recommended for your sleeves. a henna tattoo designs are perfect to adorn for your sleeve. To design the slevees is not easy, especially for the result perfect. but in my opinion, henna tattoo designs that exist in this image is perfect for designing your sleeve with

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Tattoos

 Almost every culture, across the world has their own set of traditions when it comes to marriages, weddings, and celebrations. Irish culture holds the Celtic tattoos  with significant value, which is why they incorporated its meaning into their daily lives. As these tattoos have no beginning or end, Celtic loops, knots, and other designs are the perfect symbol of togetherness and forever.

Cover Up Tattoos Design

 Over a period of time, tattoos may not look as charming and appealing, as they did when they are made. There are also some tattoos, which may not turn out as per the expectations of the tattoo wearer. At such times, people with tattoo wish there would have been an eraser, which would work on the skin and erase the piece of tattoo. Apart from the two mentioned scenarios, there can be other


 Hawaii islands belongs to the Polynesian islands, all of which have a very rich and old tradition of tattoos. Most of the modern day tattoos are based on the traditional tribal tattoos from the Polynesian islands. The word for tattoo in the Hawaiian language is uhi, which means covering the body. There is a belief that the western world was introduced to the world of tattoos as a body art


 Filipino tattoos are a part of the tribal tattooing in many parts of Philippines but is vanishing gradually. These tattoo designs were once upon a time the most well known forms of body art throughout the world. The Philippine islands being one of the earliest tribal regions to start the art of tattoos, the people belonging to this region used to have their entire

Natural Art Of Tattoos

 Tattooing was very common among all tribes across the world. Tribal people used animal bones as carving tools/instruments in tribal tattoo art. Tattooing was an accepted norm among these tribes although it was a painful process. Most designs of tribal tattoos were replicates of animals, flowers, and other shapes as seen in nature. You can perceive these tribal tattoo pictures instantly.

Old School Tattoos designs

Old school tattoo designs are also called traditional old school tattoo designs or simply traditional tattoo designs. Although new tattoo designs kept coming up, the old school tattoos did not quite disappear from view; they just faded a little into the background. It was the tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, etc., that hogged the limelight. However, in the last few years, it the old school

Leg Tattoos

 Leg tattoos are one of the best placed tattoos. Hide them whenever needed and show off when desired. Well, you can easily wear that funky look with a leg tattoo and a mini skirt. What’s more, you have a number of options in terms of tattoo designs and placement area. Right from a tiny tattoo till a large or long tattoo you can explore almost any each piece of this body art on your legs. So

Wing Tattoo Design >> Beautiful Angel Wings

Wing Tattoo Design | Angel Wings Tattoo Ideas | Tattoo for BackWing Tattoo IdeasThis is a wing tattoo design, inspired design for your back, bird Wing Tattoo designs and bat wing tattoo designs. Tattoo design is very attractive, back with a beautiful angel wings.Beautiful Angel Wings Angel Wing Tattoothank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Wing Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Grim Reaper Tattoo Design

 Grim reaper tattoo designs are for people who have accepted death as a reality of life and respect it as the ultimate leveler or dare to challenge it! I personally have always been intrigued with the symbolism of the grim reaper as a messenger of impending doom and a manifestation of death itself. Today grim reaper tattoo designs have become increasingly popular among people who indulge in

Tattoo Thought – Secret Sexy Tattoos For Couples

 Looking for sexy tattoo ideas for you and your significant other? Sharing a secret, sexy tattoo that is only between you and another individual can be very personal and meaningful. Here are some pointers for sexy tattoos that are meant simply for couples. First there is the tattoo itself. what it means, the design and feelings behind it are all something to think about. That is very

Name Tattoos Ideas

 If you are at loggerheads about what tattoo  to get next then you must spare a thought for name tattoo ideas. This is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires a great deal of commitment on your behalf to get someones name tattooed on your body. It certainly has to be someone who has made a huge difference in your life and it also involves the acceptance of this difference by you. This is a

Sun Tattoos Design

 If you’re interested in getting a sun tattoo, then this guide was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to look at the main types of “sun design” that you can have, so you will be able to decide if it sounds like the kind of thing you would like for your next tattoo. One of the most common types of sun tattoo is the “tribal” design. These can either look like the usual “sun drawing”,


 Determining actually unusual women tattoos can be a real challenge. If you have been looking on the Internet you can spend hours, days, weeks or more searching and not really find what you want. It can be overwhelming. Here is the easiest and fastest way I know to find excellent tattoos for feminine that are special and original.Determining actually unusual women tattoos can be a real

Firefighter Tattos

 Firefighters are known for their courage and bravery as they deal with deathly situations to save lives. These men and women are worth the appreciation for all the efforts they put in to save other people’s lives by risking their own. If you are a club that supports these firefighters or are one yourself, and are a tattoo fan, wouldn’t you

Knuckle Tattoos

 Have you ever thought of getting knuckle tattoos? Body art is a great way of expressing your emotions. Your deeper desires, affection towards people, your life and aspects of your personality can be represented using tattoos.There is no dearth of choices when it comes to selecting a tattoo, you just need to tell the tattoo artist what you

FOREARM Tattoos For Men

 What’s common between Chester Bennington, David Beckham and Eminem? As predictable as it sounds, they all flaunt some superbly etched forearm tattoos. Forearm tattoos have been inked on men and women as well, since ages. The courage of getting etched on your forearm shows a deep commitment of the tattoo wearer towards his forearm tattoo. If

A Quartet of Tattoos from Greg

I met Greg outside of Madison Square Garden last fall, and he happily shared several of his tattoos, inspired by magic and mythology. On his upper left arm is this wizard:On his upper right arm, he shared this dragon:Below that, on his forearm, is this fiery skull:And, in a tribute to his Irish heritage, is this coat of arms, with the Irish colors:Greg credited Eddie and Ray, at Lucky Hearts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tattoo Sketches >> Dragon Tattoo Small Design

Tattoo Sketches | Dragon Tattoo | Dragon SketchesDragon Tattoo Small DesignDragon tattoo designs for inspiration of your body. This tattoo design is black with a small design. although the image of the dragon, a tattoo design is not scary. but reflects the calm of a tattoo.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Dragon Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Angel Tattoo >> Angel Tattoos Design ideas

Angel Tattoo | Tattoo for Back | Angel Tattoo for Sleeve | Angel pearl TattooDesign Angel Tattoo Design IdeasThis is an angel tattoo design, tattoo designs it is usually used on the back. besides his great form, angel tattoo designs are very suitable when used on the back. Angel Tattoo Idea for BackNot only used on the back, to the small size, Angel tattoo designs can also be used on the sleeve

Rilke On the Flesh

It's February 1, which means we are only two months away from the start of a new edition of The Tattooed Poets Project, and I have begun assembling the first posts for this annual extravaganza.What better way to acknowledge this looming event, but to post a poetic tattoo?The following piece is one that I spotted at the end of last summer on Penn Plaza. Belonging to a young lady named Rosa, it